Two Mermaids

Welcome to FinTail Fusions!

FinTail Fusions began with a goal to bring spectacular, swimmable mer-tails to people who desire the beauty and individuality of a full silicone tail, using lighter and less costly materials. Our mertails combine a high quality lycra leg sheath with a beautifully sculpted and handpainted silicone fluke, both of which are customizable on our unique web interface.

Already know what you want? You can choose your fluke style and start designing! If you need a little information before you begin, You can learn more about Fintail Fusions below.

FinTail Fusions are a versatile, completely modular silicone and fabric hybrid tail for merfolk of any size, shape or gender. You choose your designs and colors, and it will be handmade to your measurements. You can order just a fluke, extra sheaths, or the whole package!

FinTail Fusion

Blue Fluke

The FinTail Fusion is a fabric and silicone mertail that you can design and customize using our unique interface. It consists of a vibrant, fully-lined, machine-washable lycra leg sheath combined with a spectacular platinum silicone fluke (currently available in two styles.) My flukes are molded over commercial monofins and then handpainted. My tail sheaths are printed, then sewn individually in my studio. Together they create stunning, high performance tails that are lightweight, affordable, and unique to the merfolk who create them.

FinTail Fluke

Two mertail flukes

If you want to create your own tail sheath, pair a fluke with leggings, or just wear it alone, you can order a customized Naiad or Thetis fluke separately. These flukes are created by encasing a commercial monofin in platinum cure silicone. They are permanently bonded to the monofin using a special molding process that forms them in one piece and requires no glue. It creates graceful fin motion over a sturdy, propulsive core. The result is a gorgeously realistic tail with plenty of power.

FinTail Sheath

Blue fabric

Do you need a spare sheath? Have you gained or lost weight? Do you want a slightly different look to coordinate with your current FinTail Fusion Fluke? You can customize a different design, or request one that you’ve ordered before. The sheath is custom fit to your measurements, and made from fully-lined lycra. They are sized to be used with the Thetis or Naiad fluke, but could be adjusted to be used with other commercial monofins.

Fabric Fusion

Under construction sign

Coming soon! The Fabric FinTail Fusion will be an all-fabric, printed version of your tail design that can be worn over your own monofin. They are currently in testing and should be available shortly!